Privacy Notice

For an innovative and global Company as G&A GÓMEZ REYES Y ASOCIADOS S.C., (From now on “G&A”) the legitimate, controlled and informed treatment of your personal data is essential to reach the corporative objectives through all the business areas and reaffirm our commitment with your privacy and informative self-determination right.

This Privacy Notice has as objective to inform you about the handling that will be given to your personal data when it is gathered, utilized, stored and/or transferred by G&A.


G&A GOMEZ REYES Y ASOCIADOS S.C., (From now on “G&A”) addressed in Av. De los Maestros 557, Colonia Nueva Santa María C.P. 02800, Delegación Azcapotzalco, México D.F., will be responsible and will decide about the handling giving to your personal data.


G&A will be able to gather and in its case, manage the following personal data depending on the relationship stablished with you:

  • Full Name
  • Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC)
  • Unique Population Registry Key (CURP)
  • Age
  • Date of Birth
  • Creation Date
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Nationality
  • E-mail
  • Personal, work and mobile phone numbers
  • Preferred contact method
  • Information about how you heard about G&A’s products and services
  • Legal Representative Data
  • Financial Situation
  • Credit Bureau situation

Some other sensitive or non-sensitive information that is not included in the list above might be handled as long as this information is considered as of the same nature and are not excessive according to the purposes to which it was gathered.

Purposes of handling personal data

G&A gathers, utilizes, stores or transfers your personal data inasmuch as the law permits to perform the following:

  • Fulfilling of international commerce and other legal obligations
  • Knowing the market and development of the Company within it.
  • Sales follow up with the aim of reaching the client’s satisfaction
  • Studies to determine the consumer’s satisfaction
  • Consumer’s files formation
  • Address books creation
  • Data bases’ interrelation to learn about the profile and needs of the consumer.
  • Sending of promotions about our services and products according to what we consider are the consumer’s interests.
  • Delivery of promotions
  • Delivery of loyalty prizes
  • Delivery of all kind of communications from G&A
  • Events or congresses Invitations
  • Development of analysis with the aim of determining the efficacy of our publicity

G&A can use your personal data for other purposes as long as these purposes are compatible and can be considered analogous to the ones listed above.

Your personal data will be handled only for the necessary time with the aim of fulfilling the purposes described above and/or according to what the applicable regulations stablish.


G&A will implement the necessary security, technique, administrative and physical measures, to protect your personal data and avoid damage, loss, modifications, destruction or unauthorized use and/or Access.

The authorized personnel is forbidden to allow Access to non-authorized people and use the personal data for purposes other than the ones stablished by this Privacy Notice. The confidentiality obligation of the people who participate in the handling of your personal data remains even after finishing your relation with G&A.


As part of the business operation and with the aim of fulfilling the described purposes; G&A can share some or your entire information with national or international third parties. These third parties might be subsidiaries or affiliated companies from G&A; external professional advisors and/or other service providers that act in the name or by G&A.

G&A makes sure through signed agreements and/or the adoption of other binding documents that these third parties maintain appropriate security, administrative, technical and physical measures to guard your personal data. As well, these third parties use your personal data only for the purposes for which they were hired and in accordance to this Privacy Notice.

G&A will not give, sell or transfer your personal data to third parties non-related to G&A without your consent. However, G&A may transfer your personal data in the cases foreseen by the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Individuals.


As owner of your personal data you will be able to exercise the Access, rectification, cancelation and opposition rights of your personal data before G&A’s Data Protection Committee. As well, you will be able to revoke, at any time, the consent that was given and that would be necessary for the handling of your personal data. As reference, the Access, rectification, cancelation and opposition rights are described below:

Through your access right, you can request to be informed about what kind of personal data is being handled by G&A, the origin of this data and the communications that have been done through them.

Through your rectification right, you can request to correct or complement the data that is incorrect or incomplete and that is handled by G&A. You will have to inform G&A when a modification or correction of your personal data has to be made and only you are aware of it.

When your personal data have become unnecessary for the purposes for which it was gathered, you can ask for its cancelation if it is still part of G&A´s data base. The cancelation process will be preceded by a blocking period through which your data will be held for a time equivalent to the limitation period of the tasks that originated the handling of your personal data or the time stablished by law.

You can oppose to the handling of your personal data when a legitimate cause exists, even if you had expressed your consent before.

Podrá oponerse al tratamiento de sus datos personales, cuando exista una causa legítima para ello, incluso habiendo expresado anteriormente su consentimiento para dicho tratamiento.

G&A will provide you the suggested forms for the presentation of the corresponding Access, rectification, cancellation and opposition requests through the Data Protection Committee and also through the webpage as of July 2013.


G&A reserves the right to amend or modify this Privacy Notice as it sees fit, for example, to fulfil modifications to the Data Protection Law or International Trade Law or internal regulations of G&A. G&A will inform and provide you the updated privacy notice when significant changes are made to it as well as when your consent is requested. The updated version of the privacy notice will be available in the website


You can ask any question or comment related to this privacy notice or exercise the rights corresponding that by the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Individuals before G&A’s Data Protection Committee addressed in Av. De los Maestros 557, Colonia Nueva Santa Maria C.P. 02800, delegación Azcapotzalco, México D.F., or through the email address